Top location in Estoril, 25 min. from Lisbon, the Palacio Golf & Spa is a 5 stars deluxe hotel with the Estoril Golf Club.

From 300€ p.p., 4 nights unlimited golf.
20% discount for EARLY BOOKING!

One of the most charming hotels in Estoril. Probably the best 4 stars in that area. The former private palace offers an original décor, mix of old and new.
From 390€ p.p.,
4 nights + 3 rounds of golf + 1 dinner.

Lisbon Cheapest Golf Courses Lisbon Cheapest Golf Courses
» Ribagolfe I & Ribagolfe II, From 39€, 50 min. South of Lisbon
» Santo Estevão, From 39€, 1 hour South of Lisbon.
» Lisbon Sports Club, From 48€, 30 min. drive from Lisbon.
» Aroeira I & Aroeira II, From 40€, 20 min. South of Lisbon.
» Quinta da Beloura, From 46€, 25 min. from Lisbon.

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Video Analysis
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Are you trying to understand the basics of a swing?
Ever wondered what your golf swing looks like?
Need a break to examine why your swing doesn’t result anymore?

“Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect Practice makes perfect”. You can spend hours at the range and never improve, simply because you never understood the proper golf swing mechanics. The digital video swing analysis is simply an indispensable teaching tool no matter if you are a beginner, an advanced or a very low-handicap player. What better than getting a detailed picture of your golf-swing and see what is really happening at your impact position. You will get to understand a lot about yourself and your game.

With this tool (CD-Rom MPEG Movie), Daniel Grimm will give you the opportunity to record, examine in slow motion and compare your swing to some of world famous golf players. Daniel’s input is essential for you to understand the key points to improve. After that you will establish together a plan for the coming lessons.

After the analysis you receive your swing on a CD-Rom to play it on the computer or just send it by email to a friend.

There is no additional charge for a video swing analysis. And it is systematically included in the Green Card (Platzreife) program.


It is as well a great idea to offer to a client or business partner. The video can be branded with your corporate logo and/or your personalized message as an additional feature. Consult us for prices.

Checking the ball impact position

The debriefing

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